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Organic Life Filters

Posted: 04 Jul 2023 21:24
by khaos526
  When I look at the Filter Settings in the Star Browser, I want to select only a certain type of Biome for "Unicel or Multicel" life, the problem is, when "Any Biome" is selected, it works as intended.  If I filter to only show another type, which showed up previously in "Any Biomeit doesn't show up at all.  I tested it out by selected all the biomes individually and I got zero results, but if I go back and choose "Any Biome" they all show back up.  

I'm really trying to limit my searches for really cool atmospheric planets with life and I have a number of settings already in place, but this is the only thing that doesn't work as I'm trying to only search for Terrestrial and Subglacial types...