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Need help with joysticks

20 Dec 2021 00:33

Anybody out there using VKB Gladiator joysticks?

First, Apologies, I think I posted this in the wrong section, so I've put it here now.

I Cannot get S.E. to see my VKBsim Gladiator NXT joystick. This stick works with all my other games without issues.

Recently I replaced my old joystick with a more advanced stick and rudder combo.

The very first time it ran in S.E., but only with the pitch and roll axis, and ignored the yaw twist axis.

But now it just ignores all the axis. All the buttons I mapped to it work fine however.

Previously, I used a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, which worked flawlessly.

I've pasted the SE.log file here

....and a screenshot of what the axis situation looks like here.


 I have tried all different combinations, both with the old Logitech still hooked up to the computer through a third USB port, and with it disconnected from the machine. It is currently not hooked to the machine.
Just a note, when the Logitech is still hooked to the machine, It still works fine, even in combo with all the rest still hooked up.
It is just the VKB stick that is being ignored.

The Logitech is currently disconnected.


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