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Author of SpaceEngine
Author of SpaceEngine
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Work progress 0.991

11 Jun 2019 07:22

This is not a joke :) I already started work on some bug fixes. The next major update probably will be called 0.991, so why not start a new topic :)

Full changelog of updates on Steam:

Build 0.990.33.1625
- Fixed crash if SDL reports invalid joystick instance ID (-1)
- Texture compression is disabled by default for high and ultra graphics settings

Build 0.990.34.1630
- Fixed missing terrain on integrated Intel graphics
- Fixed glitch with eclipse shadows on rings
- Completed Spanish localization
- Dimmer nebulae
- Main menu button "Exit" is changed to "Exit VR" in the VR mode
- A note added to the tutorials menu what they are not designed for VR
- Added the main menu button binding to the first Vive controller
- Ship manager automatically appear on entering the Simulator mode if there are no ships built

Build 0.990.34.1640
- Fixed disappearing of interface in the fish eye mode on checking "Distort interface"
- Added Polish localization
- Stereobase can be changed only in VR/3D modes
- Fixed Haumea rings

Build 0.990.34.1645
- Fixed stereobase change
- Fixed mass of Luhman 16 A and B

Build 0.990.35.1655
- Limited paste text buffer size
- Some fixes in catalogs
- Updated exoplanet catalog by June 21, 2019 (Teegarden's star and other updates)
- Fixed abrupt scarps on terrestrial planets
- Fixed high-frequency "penitentes" on icy worlds
- Fixed depth of rayed craters
- Added timeout to the loading screen to prevent get stuck on it for too long time
- Adjusted coefficients in the mass-radius equation for more precise result [pending for 0.991]
- Updated localizations
- Fixed procedural galaxy/quasar seed change bug
- Disabled loading indicator in VR
- Fixed broken export of planet textures after landing on a planet
- Fixed huge lag at startup and on switching graphics quality presets

Build 0.990.35.1660
- Automatic saturation of stellar illumination
- Fixed star corona color bug
- Fixed toggle of the fullscreen mode when "Configure codec" is pressed in the video capture dialog
- VR/3D mode can be toggled by a hotkey / in the main menu
- In VR help about VR controller buttons bindings is displayed on the main menu background (Oculus and Vive, text is in English)
- In VR Solar system browser automatically hides itself after clicking "fly to" button
- In main menu script, buttons, labels and edit can have internal name; if not specified, data from the Text field is used
- Option to make planet hidden by default in the sc file - visible false
- Changed atmosphere model/color assignment rules
- Some fixes in catalogs
- Fixed bug with clusters/nebulae particles always rendered even if clusters/nebulae were disabled
- Reduced star particle wobbling effect of a very distant catalog stars
- Increased lens flare visibility range for very bright star systems
- Changed location preview file name generation method

Build 0.990.36.1665
- Some fixes in catalogs
- Multithreaded saving of screenshot (no lag on saving to png)
- Multithreaded saving of video frame images
- Updated video saving tool:
-- Option for automatically run a script simultaneously with start of video capture
-- Video capture is stopping automatically once script is complete
-- Options to minimize or close SpaceEngine once script is complete
- Planet emission textures are stored with color textures in the same array to save video memory
- Planet thermal  textures are stored with hight textures in the same array to save video memory [experimental]
- Reduced tiling of some terrain textures
- Fixed bug with non-saving of database file of user names and descriptions
- Fixed bug with change of planet atmosphere color after restart
- Improved appearance of red giants
- Improved color variety of planet atmospheres [experimental]
- In HDR photo mode, aurora faded out with distance to not spoil appearance of a planet from space [experimental]
- Fixed dry lacustrine planets
- Fixed missing terraced mountains
- Released new version of the CubeMap tool - 1.15

Build 0.990.37.1690
- While exporting planet textures, clouds transparency is not saved into a separate file
- Ability to specify custom subfolder to save video file/frames in the video capture dialog
- Fixed bug when some terrain node textures didn't generated
- Fixed bug with terrain not generating while recording video
- Opposition effect on planetary rings; parameters are added to planet scripts and editor
- Unicode support:
-- All localizations updated to UTF-8 encoding
-- Texture fonts replaced with ttf fonts
-- Added traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese and Japanese localizations 
-- In language selection menu, country flags and full names of localizations are displayed
- Apollo 11 'Eagle' Lunar module model on the Moon surface
- Fixed bug with UI window stuck in moving mode when was closed by hotkey before releasing the left mouse button
- Fixed selecting of stars in star clusters and nebulae
- Mouse click in the text input field moves cursor to the nearest character
- Fixed arrow button of volumetrics resolution sliders

Build 0.990.37.1705
- Some fixes in catalogs
- Updated localizations
- Fixed auto-filling of the pioneer name and discovery date for procedural objects in the Wiki
- Fixed star cluster selection bug
- Fixed issue with ship control panel appearing in the planetarium mode
- Semi-bold font for interface text of default (small) size

Build 0.990.37.1710
- Updated default and DLC textures of the Moon (11 GB)
- Updated default and DLC textures of the Charon
- Tilt adjustment for objects/spacecraft fixed on planetary surface
- Added all Apollo landing sites with closeup textures
- Adjusted Apollo LM position and tilt
- Fixed Apollo LM star-like particle brightness
- Fixed updating of BumpHeight and BumpOffset in the Planet editor
- Exposure compensation is saved between sessions
- Added asteroids named after science fiction authors

Build 0.990.37.1720
- Added "Spanish - Spain" localization, old Spanish renamed to "Spanish - Latin America"
- Updated localizations
- Fixed Carina nebula model
- Fixed crash with NVidia driver version 436.15
- Fixed points counter in the camera path editor tool

Build 0.990.38.1730
- New Titan textures by retro-visor
- Gamma correction for planet textures: parameter in catalog scripts and slider in the editor
- Adjusted gamma of Jupiter and Io textures
- Adjusted photometric properties of Jupiter and the Galilean satellites for increased accuracy
- New music by Lokijar
- Fixed bug with selection of wrong screenshot file format at startup
- Fixed displaying of incorrect axis tilt for procedural planets
- Fixed generation of too many extremely tilted procedural planets [pending for for 0.991]
- Updated localizations
- Updated exoplanet catalog (September 10, 2019)
- Added comet C/2019 Q4 (Borisov) and other minor bodies
- Added names for 5 recently named satellites of Jupiter
- Added ability to specify a threshold for the bloom effect
- Solar system browser: fixed empty (globe) previews in the very long list of satellites
- Fixed model of the galaxy ESO 510-G13
- Fixed bug with displacement and flickering of star lens flares in fish eye/cylindrical/cube modes what happened in distant galaxies
- Fixed bug with displacement of autoexposure metering zone

Build 0.990.38.1740
- Fixed bug with erroneous planetary systems in globular clusters
- Fixed completely black areas on old red giants in auto/manual exposure mode
- Fixed incorrect orientation of orbits of Galilean moons
- Hapke parameters for coherent backscatter for planet surface, clouds and rings

Build 0.990.38.1750
- Initial Steam Workshop support (WIP)
- Addon config file with ability to enable/disable Steam Workshop addons
- Fixed bug with rendering of grayscale-alpha textures of ships
- Ability to select objects by mouse click from the cockpit view in the ship
- Disabled clouds rotation for tri-axial planets (example: WASP-12 b)
- More transparent atmospheres on hot gas giants
- Experimental subsurface scattering for clouds on terrestrial planets
- Updated exoplanet catalog
- Updated catalog of binary asteroids
- Multiple fixes in binary stars catalog
- Added parameter MassJup to planet and star catalog scripts
- Support of UTF-8 names of objects in catalog script (but not recommended, localization database must be used for localized names)
- Updated localizations
- Fixed bug with switching of pressure units on the Wiki Hydrosphere info page
- Export localizations to JSON format (needed for online translation services)
- Fixed object diameter filter in the Chart mode

Build 0.990.39.1760
- Introducing the LaunchPad: Steam Workshop addons manager and uploader
- Shorter cache file paths
- Fixed broken rendering/style settings after starting SE by clicking on se:// url
- Russian localization: changed names of planet temperature classes to better match the English localization
- Removed Chthonia planet class from the Star browser (this class is not implemented in the engine anyway)
- Changed atmosphere generator so it produces more blue Earth-like atmosphere models
- Fixed crash on updating atmosphere model
- Added models of (486958) Arrokoth/2014 MU69 (ex Ultima Thule), (25143) Itokawa and (433) Eros (by Mosfet)
- Fixed blurry nebulae and galaxies on skybox export
- Fixed blurry nebulae and galaxies on video capture when "Set graphics to maximum" is chosen
- Fixed initialization of the the video capture tool with incorrect screenshot file format listed
- SteamVR Input (native support of Valve Index and other controllers)
- Default binding configuration for HTC Vive, Valve Index, WMR and Oculus Touch controllers
- Pressing menu button on VR controller brings up side screen toolbars instead of opening the main menu
- Main menu VR help texture changes based on the currently active VR controllers
- Smoothed VR laser ray movement to reduce shaking and increase selection precision
- Added travel time counter when using the "Go to" command
- "Go to" in VR quickly rotates view so that target object is centered
- Import localizations from CSV format (needed for online translation services)
- Added Turkish localization

Build 0.990.39.1765
- Updated exoplanet catalogs
- Updated localizations
- Fixed Auto Illumination saturation checkbox in the main menu
- Fixed usage of the Load button in the Locations browser from the main menu
- Few bugfixes in the LaunchPad

Build 0.990.39.1770
- Fixed issue with NVidia driver 441.66

Build 0.990.39.1775
- Added Korean localization
- Fixed errors in tutorials
- Fixed bug with UI overlay in Steam VR on AMD/ATI graphics cards

Build 0.990.40.1805
- Fixed bug with first uploading of the addon project in LaunchPad
- Fixed non-appearing of SE window when it launched from LaunchPad
- Ability to define a state vector instead of a planet orbit in the catalog and export it (WIP)
- Optimization of the engine (implemented uniform buffer objects)
- Changed orbital lines rendering to a new method (artifact-free)
- Implemented built-in ffmpeg video capture with optional hardware acceleration
- Fixed incorrect black body colouration presets
- Some fixes in catalogs
- Histogram-based auto exposure
- Updated exposure/brightness settings for Solar system objects
- Debuggung menu
- Fixed discontinuty bug in quaternion interpolation
- Updated localizations
- Added Ukrainian, Romanian localization

Build 0.990.40.1810
- Fixed unexpected behavior of slider value edit in the settings and other dialogs
- Released new version of the CubeMap tool - 1.16
- Updated textures of Iapetus
- Updated exoplanets catalog

Build 0.990.40.1813
- Added checks and logging for UBO initialization
- Added checks and logging for video recording failures
- Fixed unexpected behavior of slider value edit in the settings and other dialogs (again)
- Fixed Venus solar day length info
- Fixed displaying of non-printable object name ($) on the navigation toolbar
- Updated localizations
- Some fixes and updates in catalogs

Build 0.990.41.1824
- Lighting refactoring and optimization
- Multithreaded update of lighting and eclipse shadows
- Optimized performance of Star browser
- Customizeable ship engine effect shaders
- Fixed some bugs with comet tails
- More realistic comet tail appearance
- Updates in catalogs
- Multithreaded sorting of sprites of galaxies and nebulae models
- Optimized video memory consumption by PBR environment maps
- Optimized loading performance of large sc catalogs
- Optimized rendering performance of large comets catalog per planetary system
- Fixed some bugs with the Chart mode
- Fixed some bugs with the Star browser
- Ability to speedup time to more than 10,000x in the game mode by the cheat code TARDIS

Build 0.990.42.1830
- Updated exoplanets catalog
- Added new names of 112 exoplanets and their host stars
- Updated Mars texture
- New Pluto texture
- New Iapetus texture and elevation map
- New soundtrack by Lokijar
- Context music playback config file is updated to the new planet classification, small manual is added to it
- Some updates in the Wiki
- Added ability to directly specify planet palette preset in a planet's script
- Probabilities of an equatorial ridge generation are added to the config
- Terrain shader mods are automatically disabled if they causes problems with SE startup
- Added note to spacecraft manager that ships can be piloted in simulator mode, and a button to switch to it
- Added buttons binds and help texture for Vive Cosmos controllers
- Fixed distance to Maffei 1 and 2 galaxies
- Fixed a typo in the main config which caused duplication of the VR section
- Fixed giant scarps (cliffs) artifact near rift valleys
- Fixed bug with stars not illuminating other stars in the same system (caused black brown dwarfs)
- Fixed saturation of planet shine lighting in real exposure modes
- Fixed crash when using telescopic zoom on galaxy clusters
- Fixed baseline of subscript text
- Fixed broken loading of RLE-compressed TGA files
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Work progress 0.991

11 Jun 2019 09:44

Take a break Man! You more than anyone and anything else deserve it!
Seriously, you must rest :).
Will 0991 have beta test team? I'd like to enlist if possible*..

* Please check PM
MSIX299MB,[email protected](8C/16T),[email protected](CL16),GTX1080Ti@11GBGDDR5X,OS:WIN10x64@2xSSDSATA3RAID0
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Space Pilot
Space Pilot
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Work progress 0.991

11 Jun 2019 17:08

*presses subscribe topic*

On to the next adventure :D
I like cute pokemon and space games.
My mods: http://forum.spaceengine.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=173
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Work progress 0.991

11 Jun 2019 17:47

Thanks for your great work! Please take time to celebrate this wonderful creation ;)
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Work progress 0.991

12 Jun 2019 23:15

Great to see you getting right back into it! Thanks for the great work on 0.990.
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Work progress 0.991

13 Jun 2019 06:29

If it does start, will we receive updates on the steam? Or can you choose to test? Or the Beta test team?
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Work progress 0.991

16 Jun 2019 12:17

[url=https://youtu.be/rkB9OT2XVvA]Vlad hope this is you in 6 months, hats off for the great work these years.[/url]
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World Builder
World Builder
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Work progress 0.991

17 Jun 2019 02:47

A way to scale the size of title fonts in-game would be nice. That way, in crowded stellar neighborhoods, one could fit more titles in between without cluttering the map, OR exaggerate the title size of relevant locations like star clusters or nebula.

Also, good luck with patching 0991!
Futurum Fusionem
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Work progress 0.991

18 Jun 2019 17:19

I really thought this was fake for a second, I’m glad that SE is always having development, despite the usual delay. Which makes me wonder, would you consider having steam have opting into beta releases and send statistics and non-user generated bug reports?
To reality, through nothing, from un-everything.
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Work progress 0.991

21 Jun 2019 08:37

So great project. Just got it on Steam. Worth it's money!
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Author of SpaceEngine
Author of SpaceEngine
Topic Author
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Location: Saint-Petersburg

Work progress 0.991

28 Jun 2019 18:28

Galaxy Architect
Galaxy Architect
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Work progress 0.991

02 Jul 2019 17:41

A way to scale the size of title fonts in-game would be nice. That way, in crowded stellar neighborhoods, one could fit more titles in between without cluttering the map, OR exaggerate the title size of relevant locations like star clusters or nebula.

Also, good luck with patching 0991!
 is there a way to reduce the size of fonts or change their color, I want to see constellation outlines and names but dont want them to stand out so much and ruin the sky (and I dont want to see them during the day- only when the stars are visible.)
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Author of SpaceEngine
Author of SpaceEngine
Topic Author
Posts: 1125
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Location: Saint-Petersburg

Work progress 0.991

04 Jul 2019 11:19

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Work progress 0.991

04 Jul 2019 22:28

The new red giant looks great.
Galaxy Architect
Galaxy Architect
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Work progress 0.991

05 Jul 2019 01:10

Vlad I really like 1660, but I am itching to try out the new beta!  I dont know how to access the beta, the instructions to right click on Space Engine in the Steam client did not work for me, no beta tab popped up.  Is there a way to make the program automatically update to the beta branch when starting it up?
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