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Total solar/stellar eclipses outside Earth

28 Sep 2017 05:29

I might have found one of the rarest things in the universe... in fact I might be the first one to find one in Space Engine but I don't know.

The star is 66 Andomredae and it has a planet with a moon large enough to block the star but also small enough to see the star's corona (btw I have 0980e so it doesn't have crazy eclipse graphics).


Here it is. Though the moon is larger than the star and not "just the same size" like Earth's Moon and the Sun, it is still a pretty looking total solar/stellar eclipse.

So here's the question: Did you find a total solar eclipse too? I am not talking about occultations (where you don't see the corona according to me) or annular eclipses. I am talking about total ones, similar to Earth's but on other planets.

I might have found a rare thing that you don't see that much in SE except on Earth...

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