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Colaboration Possibility?

Posted: 10 Jul 2021 13:22
by N0B0DY
Most probably no. But this game has striking similarities with SE and although its graphics are outdated, too simplistic and basic by today's standards, it has more detail and depth than any other similar project out there. Without further delays, ladies and gentlemen I present you my recent YT/Steam discovery/purchase: Megaton Rainfall:

It was on sale on steam and I purchased it for 5.91€ and for what it offers I think its the best value for money steam purchase I've ever made. Maybe I am carried away by initial excitement but on the above video am I seeing a fully procedural universe with millions of stellar objects as in SE? And with the ability to go to earth and destroy whole cities (with quite basic but accurate photogrammetry) with superman-like superpowers I am totally blown ayway..
Just imagine if SE merges with this..
Edit PS2: That is another video illustrating the scale of the Megaton Rainfall Universe down to Earth and its cities, with destructible buildings btw:

Colaboration Possibility?

Posted: 10 Jul 2021 14:29
by DoctorOfSpace
Well known but most likely uses entirely different systems to SE and is designed in a very different way,

It does seem similar to what future goals of SE will include, but it is pretty much not going to be a merger or partnership.  Conversion from D3D to OpenGL is also a pain in the poopchute.