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Dream Game Concept

Posted: 11 Oct 2017 10:24
by beyondsight
Pretty thorough write-up, T Man. I agree with no combat. Equipment failures and space/environmental hazards would provide plenty of tension. Less button mashing, too, so easier on the joints. Maybe in a way later version of SE there could be lava tube/cave system exploration too.

I'm not sure how crew management would work, though. I'm assuming they'd be premade. But...would they talk to each other, or at least about each other? Would the player be their absolute respected commander by default or have to gain their respect? I think the video game Divinity: Dragon Commander could be looked at for inspiration. Each crew member had arcs the player could guide them on and could ask for their thoughts on things and other crew members. They could be sent to do things and depending on what's happened to them or whom they were teamed up with different results could occur. Some of them were really surprising/unexpected and it all had consequence.

That'd be a ton of work, though, and some players wouldn't want to deal with that, so there could be a simple crew management option.

Dream Game Concept

Posted: 06 Nov 2017 01:43
by BillyHagen
The idea of creating such a game is pretty interesting, thanks for sharing! I am sure that many players will be waiting for a new game release. 

Dream Game Concept

Posted: 28 Dec 2017 17:20
by Macjim
Non combat is a great idea.   I would invest time in this proposed game.

Dream Game Concept

Posted: 22 Apr 2021 14:43
by ajitesh007
He there, new user to this game, any scope where we will be having any kind of economy based game play like eve online and character movement in the near future

Dream Game Concept

Posted: 17 May 2021 01:32
by Leyo
Hi everyone,

I also dream of that kind of game set up in Space engine universe.

Exploration, ship and crew management, ressource stalking... but i don't understand why you should skip the combat part of the game, even if you don't like this gameplay, which is your entire  right.
I mean for example , i don't like mining, but i wouldn't see it absent from a great game with a litlle bit of economy. Same for Combat.

To go even further into combat, i'd like to see something mixed in action and strategy, with part of automation of the ships process, maybe with something close of what we can see and u-boat style games. Slow-paced combat, at least for capital ship combat of course, cause it would be a fail to forget epic dogfigts in FPS.

I 've played space games since the first one on Nintendo there's 30 years ago. From those to Eve Online, Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen...  but Space Engine is the only true revolution i've seen so far. I wish Devs to meet genius and ambitious people that would help him building what Space Engine deserves.