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Big temp spike

11 Jan 2020 01:33

OK, so I took an earth like planet orbiting a Jupiter like primary at quite a distance out, and copied it into a closer orbit so it would have a 24 hour day while tidally locked.

I got the 24 hour day, but also a 1000 degree temperature spike. No other things were changed but the orbital distance and period.

Is this result true???? I know there is tidal heating and probably some exposure to the primary reflecting or emitting heat onto the satellite, but is it really that much?

And if so, how can I cool the planet to get it back down into a habitable range back in the 60's (deg F) again?

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Big temp spike

11 Jan 2020 23:15

Probably a result of tidal heating so yeah it is accurate.  Tidal heading will be very strong in a 24hr orbit if the moon's orbit is even slightly eccentric. So, just bring the moon's eccentricity to near zero and that should solve it. 
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