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Largest Star Citizen Podcast Shows off Space Engine + Interstellar Mod

13 Jan 2018 08:22

The Star Citizen community is huge and has backed that game with $175 million dollars so far, so any exposure of Space Engine to them is a good thing in my opinion. What follows is the Redacted podcast, the largest Star Citizen podcast featuring well known Star Citizen streamers including BoredGamer (not present here) who is the largest independent Star Citizen content creator.

The show kicks off with a look at the black hole from the Interstellar mod which Redacted used to base their new logo off of. Pretty cool!

(Full disclosure, BoredGamer interviewed me as part of a feature on a Star Citizen guild/org I am a part of and I had shown some Space Engine stuff on my Youtube channel so Redacted might have come across Space Engine that way.)
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