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Resetting Camera Path

10 Apr 2020 02:23

Playing with a camera path, don't like the way it turned out, and want to try again. How do I reset/remove the current path?
-- Bob T.
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Resetting Camera Path

06 Feb 2021 13:27

Do you mean with using the Camera Path Editor tool? 
I have some issues with that at the moment that I am trying to solve, I don't know if it existed in Apr 2020. I am a new user. 

Have you learned how to do pathing? 

My problem; I have set out a path going around the earth, then moon. At the moon I lock the position so you see that the moon keeps facing the same side towards earth, while it's orbiting. 
But when I replay the pathing, I see the path following the same directions, but Earth and the moon are in some other location.

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