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Shepherd moons disrupt planetary rings

28 Dec 2019 19:40

I'm not sure if this is a bug, maybe I just don't understand correctly the meaning of some parameters and this only needs some more precise editing.
When I create planetary rings and then try to add moons amongst them, rings are disrupted after the restart. They can be temporarily restored from the editor, however, they cannot be saved. Re-exporting and pasting ring values doesn't help. I also tried to place the moon in the middle of big ring gaps, doesn't help either.

This is detailed description of my problem:

1. I create gas giant with rings. I adjust rings parameters in SE's visual editor, export the script and (after exiting SE) I copy-paste exported values into my .sc file.
2. I restart SE, rings look exactly as they looked before the export, as expected.
3. I define some moons (in .sc file) that orbit gas giant amongst rings (shepherd moons).
4. After SE starts, rings are destroyed. They somehow appear only as far as the first moon from the planet, the rest of rings (beyond the first moon) are not visible.
5. I open SE's editor. The EdgeRadius value differs from the one in .sc file (usually it becomes much smaller). All other values are unchanged.
6. After I change EdgeRadius to a bigger value, i.e. to its original value, rings appear again. But this only works when I use the slider, not if I enter the value manually.

se.log file doesn't contain any error messages, neither any mention regarding my planet or rings creation.

Also, is there some guide/manual/description of .sc parameters meaning and usage? Some of them can be understood from their names, however, sometimes they are a bit obscured and behave oddly. I found some guides on fandom wiki as well as on this site, but unfortunately they are quite scarce.

Thanx for your help!

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