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General questions about SpaceEngine

09 Dec 2021 16:39

fedorsymkin52 wrote:
Source of the post But is possible, how can I do it?

open the console in-game ( ~ on english keyboards) then type:
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General questions about SpaceEngine

10 Dec 2021 15:53

fedorsymkin52 wrote:
How can I speed up time more than 10000x?

In earlier versions of SpaceEngine I could speed up time by very large value, like 10^7. Is was useful when I traveled between planets on Shuttle. I mean realistic traveling: calculating correct point to start impulse, changing my orbit around parent star, waiting for moving in orbit till target planet starts gravitation influence to me.

In last version I can speed up time only up to 10000x, so I have to wait very long time to make realistic traveling from planet to planet. Can I change this limitations somewhere in config? I could not find it by myself.

I suggest it may be impossible because very large time speed up may be limited to prevent problems caused by very large time step

But is possible, how can I do it?

Typing TARDIS in the console gives you use the same time warp settings as the planetarium mode.
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General questions about SpaceEngine

07 Jan 2022 16:11

In Space Engine 0.990 how would I go about finding planets with breathable atmospheres?
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