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SE and Celestia modders community

26 Nov 2016 00:40

Hello users, moderators, and SpaceEngineer, now I created a place, where users can discuss their addons[DOT] This is a forum and an alternative of the Mods and Addons section here, but it has something that the Mods and Addons section has not, that is we can discuss our mods not just in English, but in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese[DOT] Here is a screenshot from the front page:

The only one moderator on this forum is my mum, if I can, I request some users/moderators here to register, and I will promote them to Administrator, because on this website, the moderators, are also administrators[DOT]
Please write down, what you think about it[DOT]
Link: http://seandcelmodderscommunity.createaforum.com/
My mods, My forum
The new website is too dark|DOT| Matsoftware from the old forum[DOT]

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