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Binary-Multiple Star Catalogue Update2

07 Aug 2018 09:44

Hi all. Lately I had some free time to spend in writing binary-multiple stars systems for SE. I already done a lot of this binary stars for SE previously and now I finally manage to finish all constellations. Obviously they are all real systems based in astronomic observations.

ZET Phe screenshot.jpg
ZET Phe screenshot.jpg (41.66 KiB) Viewed 8329 times

In this update included the following constellations (all Southern):

Musca, Chamaeleon, Phoenix, Sculptor, Fornax, Hydrus, Mensa, Volans, Dorado, Reticulum, Horologium, Pictor, Columba, Caelum.

In numbers, this update includes:

-72 systems with Stars.
-6 systems with White Dwarfs.
-2 systems with Neutron Stars.
-1 system with a Brown Dwarf (rewrote the code).
-2 systems with Binary stars with planets (rewrote the code).

I also include the previous Update1 for SE0978 so just download this one an overwrite the old one, if you already installed it.


For SE 0.978 Vanilla download this:

Binaries Catalogs Update1+2 SE 0978.zip
(289.43 KiB) Downloaded 613 times

For SE 0.978e download this:

Binaries Catalogs Update1+2 SE 0978e.zip
(292.4 KiB) Downloaded 633 times


-Unzip the archive
-Copy the "addons" folder in your addons folder where you've installed SE, overwrite if asked
-Copy the "data" folder in your data folder where you've installed SE, overwrite if asked

That's all. Unfortunately when I started to do these catalogues my method to check the binary stars in the wiki was deficient so I skipped some stars in the northern constellations so most probably it will be more updates for these "forgotten" binary-multiple systems. And sorry for my "barbarian" English :P.
My work for SE:
Textures for the solar system bodies:Click Here
Catalogs of binary stars, brown dwarfs, black holes and neutron stars (already in official SE).
Proxima b (6 versions):Click Here
Trappist-1: Click Here

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