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Add-on: Rao System from Superman

Posted: 07 Jan 2018 14:43
by aFinapple
I have created the Rao System from Superman, based off of these websites: 
System itself:
Rao(the star):
Krypton :
Land on Krypton is based off of attached image

Take the and place it under addons/catalogs/stars(create if it does not exist)
Take the and place it under addons/catalogs/planets (create if it does not exist)

I would really like it if you could give thoughts and whatnot, I tried my best with the colors and textures of the planets, and the orbits and moons. I'm not that good at texturing, but I tried. If there ANY errors (it does not matter how small) tell me and I will fix it. 
I also am aware of the land features of Krypton are not entirely accurate(I used randomize because texturing fully is kinda hard)

Hope you enjoy! :D