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Binary/Multiple Star Catalog Update for SE 0.980

26 Jun 2017 02:28

Hi all, here is a new update for the binary-multiple star catalogue, I did the half of the remaining constellations in the southern hemisphere.  There are 93 new binary-multiple star systems including 4 more white dwarfs, 1 neutron star and 4 more binaries with planets orbiting one of the components.


1.Download the addon here: 
Binaries Catalogs update1 SE 0978.zip
(250.49 KiB) Downloaded 951 times

2. Unzip "Binaries Catalogs update1 SE 0978.zip"
3. Copy both resulting folders into your Space Engine root folder.  Click yes when you asked.
My work for SE:
Textures for the solar system bodies:Click Here
Catalogs of binary stars, brown dwarfs, black holes and neutron stars (already in official SE).
Proxima b (6 versions):Click Here
Trappist-1: Click Here

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