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Nathan's Ships 'N' Systems

06 Dec 2019 04:48

NathanKerbonaut wrote:
A-L-E-X wrote:
Thanks!  Is there a way to create a new console system which is more intuitive than the default system for maneuvering the ships during flight?  I want to use them both for air travel and for space travel.  So for things like exploring the planet, I want to fly at a constant elevation above the surface without either hitting a mountain or flying off into space lol.  Also is there a way of adding a compass to tell what direction one is traveling in (N,S,E,W)?

As far as a I know SE's spaceflight model is hard-coded. If there is a way to change it then I have no clue how to do it. :P Same goes to changing the in-flight UI elements.

It would be awesome if it could be done, it would lend a real flight simulation feel :-)
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Nathan's Ships 'N' Systems

21 Apr 2021 12:18

These ships are great.
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Nathan's Ships 'N' Systems

21 Apr 2021 16:24

make a version for 0.990
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Nathan's Ships 'N' Systems

28 Jul 2021 03:38

those ships hadnt textures..only thing i could see is a black object.i put the PAK into addon folder,also tried to redistribuite contents in the proper folders,but nothing...

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