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SpaceEngine F.A.Q.

20 Nov 2021 23:18

Mr. Abner wrote:
A-L-E-X wrote:
Source of the post... we should ALWAYS use vertical FOV since that represents the sharpest cut off...

That again depends on the orientation of your picture, sensor, or display.  I frequently use my computer's main monitor in portrait mode. (When I first started with S.E, I would always run it in portrait mode.) If you take a picture in portrait mode, you would want that FoV value for the horizontal axis.

But I know what you mean — FoV should always be the smallest axis. (I believe S.E. always used the vertical axis, even when in portrait mode.)

Oh good point, I actually used to use portrait mode too when I had a single display but since I've been using dual displays it seems a bit more difficult to do lol

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