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06 May 2021 19:27

Salvo wrote:
A-L-E-X wrote:
Well, it definitely won't be with the sound card.  I went into sound settings and found that no input was coming from the mic which is attached to my sound card.  Turns out when "What U Hear" is turned on to record the SE sound track, the mic is automatically turned off.  When I turned the mic on to record sound from it (and it worked during the mic test), the What U Hear slider in OBS automatically turns off.  So the two cannot record simultaneously.  I will try with Line In and Mic In on the onboard audio, but it doesn't look very good because first I can't even find the options for it on Desktop Audio, maybe they automatically disable when I installed the drivers for the Audigy RX sound card?  What U Hear needs to stay on for me to record the SE sound track with the speakers off, so my only other option to record both the soundtrack and my voice simultaneously is to have the speakers on and record both through the mic, which means the soundtrack recording will be of lower quality which is not what I want.

Wow, that's very weird! I mean, I can turn both on with no problem. I have a different sound card though, so it's probably different from one sound card to another. Maybe there is on the web some software which can create a "virtual input" that contains both audio and microphone on the same track, but you won't be able to split them so it's quite useless  :(

Just an update I got it to work!  I had to manually alter my sound settings to do so, turns out something called "Stereo Mix" was disabled, but I can now record both from the mic and from my speakers even when they are turned off, all at the same time!  I just need to make sure mic boost is turned off, otherwise there is feedback coming from the mic.
I now need advice for something else.  I have 7.1 surround sound speakers (Creative P7800) and I performed the Windows 10 speaker test on them and I am not getting sound from my side right speaker.  The other 6 speakers and the subwoofer work just fine, but this one speaker doesn't respond to the test.  What could be wrong and how do I fix it?  Is it the cord?  The end that goes into the speaker is permanently attached, and the other end from each speaker goes into the subwoofer.  Then there are three cables that go from the subwoofer to the back of my Creative Audigy RX 7.1 sound card.  I think if one of those 3 was loose I would have more than just 1 speaker with no sound so it shouldn't be that it's somewhere between the wire that goes from the back of that side right speaker going into the subwoofer right?  How do I fix it?  I hope the speaker hasn't stopped functioning because if it has, these are no longer to be found.  These speakers are 10 years old and when I had them on my Win XP PC (used until Summer 2018), I used to test the speakers regularly using Creative speaker diagnostic software, but now that I have a Win 10 PC I have to use the Windows Sound tool.  All the speakers have worked fine until now.   But if the speaker won't work I will have a tough time replacing it.  As a matter of fact I can't find any 7.1 computer speakers anywhere on Amazon or B&H, where I bought these from.  There are 5.1 but no 7.1 for computers- what I found looks like it's only for home theatre since it has HDMI it wouldn't work with my sound card!

This is what I have:

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002SQ2MU?ie ... Version*=1

reviews for it

https://www.amazon.com/Creative-Inspire ... ll_reviews

where I bought it from

https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/ ... Sound.html

my sound card

https://www.amazon.com/Creative-Blaster ... X7PG&psc=1

some others I found on Amazon (they are all 5.1)


[*]this is only 5.1 though
[*]I'm not sure what this is- also 5.1?

[*]I see these are all 5.1
[*]7.1 must be very rare now

[*]On B&H I found these but they only do HDMI so would not work with my sound card.


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Galaxy Architect
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07 May 2021 01:21

So I swapped out the side right channel and the side left channel, it was the side right channel that wasn't working but when I swapped them it now works, but the side left channel now doesn't work.  So apparently all the speakers are fine, it's the 3.5mm jack on  the subwoofer for the side right speaker that has gone bad.  What to do now?  Would this work?

https://www.amazon.com/Belkin-Speaker-H ... 4287491423

3.5 mm audio splitter connects 2 headsets or speakers to 1 jack
Offers an easy way to connect 2 mini stereo speakers to your iPod
Features one male 1/8 inch miniplug and two female 1/8 inch ends
Works well as an earphone splitter for your laptop
Backed by Belkin's lifetime warranty 

So using this I could attach both speakers to the side left jack and they should both work but both will get the same sound?  Would that mean loss of functionality or audio quality or maybe since the two speakers are far apart I will still get directional cues and surround sound quality wont be impacted even with the splitter?

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