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Conspiracy Theory Thread

Posted: 28 Jan 2021 04:06
by FastFourierTransform
I now see that most of the points addressed by Captain Disilussion and Phil Plait are taken from this thread: ... -26.11185/

In my opinion the sudden stop of the atmospheric perturbations is enough to end this case completely.

Watsisname wrote:
Source of the post The Moon is not an exotic target for amateur astronomers. With so many eyes and cameras on it all the time, it's not believable that nobody else would have noticed these objects.

midtskogen wrote:
Source of the post Would other people somewhere in the world watch the Moon through a powerful enough telescope at that very time?  Very likely, but not as many as one could think.

The video was presumably taken on the 26th of March, 2020 from Montreal (or close to the city). The phase of the Moon is quite similar to what can be seen on the evening (I don't really know if it exactly as expect though since I can't check SE now). It had an illumination between 5% and 6%.

NASA's "Lunar Impact Monitoring" program makes continuous observations of the moon while it is between 10% and 55% illuminated, so midtskogen is right to point out that during this event this particular program was not observing the Moon. ESA has similar monitoring programs, like NELIOTA, which uses a telescope in Greece, or MIDAS which uses 3 telescopes in Spain. But NELIOTA has similar limitations (10% to 45% illumination) and I also suspect that the Moon might have not been visible from Greece at that moment (maybe someone with a computer with SE could check).

Anyways, I think its improvable that only this guy from Montreal was recording the Moon at that time. Even with a good LSR this could have been spotted from an entire continent with hundredths of millions of people. Does having a good camera/telescope and pointing to the Moon at that time reduces the amount of potential observers to 1? Perhaps (also if we consider that other observers might have seen it but not reported it).

Still there are other ways to know if something like this happened. I should check later, but ESA and NASA situational awareness systems are capable of tracking millimeter sized objects on LEO and even MEO using radar. I don't know how the accuracy and availability of data diminishes at long ranges but a bunch of 20 km sized objects moving around the Moon might have been spotted (again, I'm not sure at all, but this could be checked).

Another thing is that of the gravitational pull. I haven't done the math and I think it probably would add to nothing here. We are talking about 3 Phobos sized objects moving very close to the Moon. The Moon is massive compared to three Phobos and also any gravitational perturbation might have little extent precisely because of the extreme speed at which the objects change their positions, but maybe the perturbation is not so small as to be unapreciable. We now have such incredibly accurate models of the lunar orbit that we can show deviations of only meters on the Moon's position if something like this happened. If three objects the mass of Phobos passed so close to the Moon we might have seen by now a difference between the predicted orbit of the Moon and the true one (a difference that would increase in time). We can track the distance and position of the moon to meter-scale accuracy thanks toRadar Ranging and to centimeter precision with Lunar Laser Ranging. So this might be another way something so spectacular might have left clues, other than a Canadian short video on YouTube without any context.

Even more noticeable would be the change in the orbits of lunar artificial satellites. There are 6 artificial objects currently operational around the Moon, I think, from countries as different as USA, China and India. The telemetry of those satellites is continuously monitored and thanks to radio and doppler shift we can infer their positions and orbits with good accuracy. If 3 objects the mass of Phobos were moving around the Moon, that might have been noticeable from the telemetry of our artificial satellites. No report about this huge anomaly can be found anywhere (it could have even created a calibration problem on topographic maps from LRO's laser altimeter, which measures the height of the probe above the terrain with cm level accuracy), so there are two options; either this is fake (it indeed was proven to be a few posts ago IMO), or these objects are not only ridiculously large and ridiculously fast, but also ridiculously denseless. How can something be so large, fast and ethereal at the same time? Oh right, because "aliens".

Conspiracy Theory Thread

Posted: 28 Jan 2021 05:50
by midtskogen
Maybe Phobos sized, but not necessarily the same mass.  The spaceships would probably be mostly hollow.  But these objects would likely be observed well before they reached the Moon, of course.  Not just by radar, but also visually.  Unless they were buried on the far side of the Moon and just got activated...  I'm sure someone in Hollywood can find a way around these things...

Conspiracy Theory Thread

Posted: 28 Jan 2021 14:31
by A-L-E-X
ha I remember the fascination over the mention of Phobos and Deimos like satellites by Jonathan Swift in Gulliver's Travels.