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Science and Astronomy Questions

Posted: 04 Jun 2021 19:05
by PlutonianEmpire
Hi all, I'm in need of a plausible detail for some of my fiction I write. I have a rogue planet with a set of orbital parameters as follows, looping around Sol:

Orbit {
     Epoch 2458860.74038
     RefPlane "Ecliptic"
     PericenterDist 0.9
     Period 106.73035377261823
     Eccentricity 1.04
     Inclination 32.8
     AscendingNode 256.56103
     ArgOfPericenter 306.41318

So, the assumed SMA would be -22.5, with a Perihelion date of January 12, 2020.

Rogue Planet has two moons, with an external barycenter with the outer one, all with the following parameters:

Radius 5469.6462 km
Mass 0.60543 M_earth
AlbedoBond 0.829
AlbedoGeom 0.935477

Inner Moon:
Radius 1326.212 km
Mass 0.005454 M_Earth
AlbedoBond 0.119
AlbedoGeom 0.1428
SemiMajorAxis 98304.460 km
Period 4.542 Days

Outer Moon:
Radius 2258.295 km
Mass 0.027646 M_earth
AlbedoBond 0.147
AlbedoGeom 0.1764
SemiMajorAxis 302025.266 km
Period 25.626

With that in mind, the Rogue Planet reaches apparent Magnitude 15 at 88 AU from Earth on Halloween of 1976, slightly dimmer than Pluto's AppMag of 14.5 that same year, when Charon was discovered.

Now, take into accout all the sky surveys and exploration that were operating throughout the 20th century. Between 1976 and 2020, what might be decently realistic discovery dates for Rogue Planet and its moons?

Science and Astronomy Questions

Posted: 29 Jul 2021 06:21
by A-L-E-X
Got into a bit of an argument with a TV personality on Twitter who kept repeating "energy cannot be created or destroyed" repeatedly.  I know there are special cases where this law is violated and I really hate it when TV personalities simplify science to make it (according to them) more understandable.  So I used the following links, with articles written by physicists, to prove my point that it is violated under specialized conditions. ... -of-energy ... ite-energy