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Terraforming our Solar System one object at a time

25 May 2017 13:25

SpaceEngineer wrote:
Venus must have a slow rotation to enable temperate climate, according to some modern study.

I have stumbled across this on wikipedia.

More recent research has however shown that the current slow rotation rate of Venus is not detrimental to the planet's capability to support an Earth-like climate. Rather, the slow rotation rate enables the formation of thick cloud layers on the side of the planet facing the sun, which raises planetary albedo and acts to cool the global temperature to Earth-like levels, despite the greater proximity to the sun.

Which brings up few questions.
I found out that specifying TidalLocked true in the Clouds parameters forces the clouds into a huge cyclone like we see on locked planets. But for some reason, the planet terrain itself, while having rotation period set, also looks like tidally locked. Is there any way of preventing it? I tried writing TidalLocked false into surface but it does not help.

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Speaking of tidal locking and .sc files, I would also like to know how to make a planet tidal locked to it's star without it half freezing. It would make sense in some binary star systems. I have tried to manually calculate and force the rotation period. But after few hundred or thousands years, the "locking" is noticeably off.

Similar question: How to make planets locked in resonating periods? (3:2, 2:3, 1:2, etc.)

I have also changed the planet's rotation period so solar day is 14 days (My 2.3 days may have been too quick and Watsisname does better math. 14 days solar days is also timekeeping-friendly). Would it be slow enough for the mentioned protective cloud cover to form?

In my non-professional opinion, I think Earth life could more easily adapt to 14 days solar days, than to nearly ten times longer like on the real Venus. (Unless we're up to creating a warmer version of Alaska)
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Terraforming our Solar System one object at a time

19 May 2021 09:52

Terraformedsolarsystem.pak download éry please
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Terraforming our Solar System one object at a time

03 Jun 2021 01:50

Let me join this game  :) at first I thought that I won't be able to guess any of that, but then I recognized Pluto as it is the smallest one here. Then Mars and Moon. But after that I started to get confused so I checked the spoiler to find out the truth;) Anyway I liked such kind of entertainment very much 
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