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Posted: 11 Jun 2021 04:16
by A-L-E-X
midtskogen wrote:
No filters or eclipse glasses necessary.  Just lucky to see anything through the clouds.

Reminds me of the May 1994 eclipse here in NY, the sun was in and out of the clouds, but at peak eclipse (sun about 90% covered!) I could see the sun through the clouds and I even used a pair of 10x50 binoculars to see the spectacle (no protection at all.)  I know it probably wasn't safe but it was only for a few seconds and I wanted to see it directly.


Posted: 03 Sep 2021 05:13
by vlad01
Been a while since my friend and I took any pics as the weather was bad for many months but we got these 2.

Lagoon and Cat's paw nebula.




Posted: 03 Sep 2021 09:20
by A-L-E-X
Wow beautiful!  I wonder how dim the dimmest stars you've captured are!  Orion season has begun!  My favorite time of the year!