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by RadioActiveLobster
31 Dec 2017 13:30
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: New Members Introduction Thread
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New Members Introduction Thread

Might as well introduce myself.

I had an account (but most lurked) on the old site and have been following Space Engine for a number of years now.

Glad to see it's still making progress and looking forward to what comes in the new year.
by RadioActiveLobster
31 Dec 2017 13:28
Forum: Development
Topic: General 0.990 Discussion
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General Discussion

I know that there had been a small group of testers who got to test out Space Engine on STEAM. I'm not one of them to my great disappointment.

Any plans for to see a larger release and perhaps some sort of STEAM Early Access or will it still be closed on STEAM?
by RadioActiveLobster
31 Dec 2017 13:23
Forum: Development
Topic: Work progress 0.990
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Work progress =

Can't wait to try out this Overview thing on my Rift.

Sounds amazing.