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by EvaShinQ
15 Aug 2022 06:25
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Topic: Russia-Ukraine war
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Re: Russia-Ukraine war

The war in Europe, the problems with Taiwan, and the risk of nuclear war, all these events make me kind of depressed. We live in a time when we do not know what will happen next, what events will lead the world to even more deplorable events or when that fateful day will come. I am personally scare...
by EvaShinQ
29 Apr 2021 18:38
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Topic: Space Art
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Space Art

Guys, first of all, sorry for writing in a 2-year-old thread, but I cannot express how much you impressed me with these pictures. For me, it is mindblowing what others can do using a computer; I am the one who uses the laptop for Facebook and Netflix, that is it. Second of all, can I buy clip art?  ...