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by Marmontes
16 Aug 2022 08:01
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Topic: Show off your work
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Re: Show off your work

I recently started to do repairs in my entire huge two-story house. I'm planning a lot of major changes. The hardest part will be on the second floor. All bedrooms are located on the second floor. In our case, these are the sons' rooms and my wife's bedroom. Bathrooms are now necessarily made on the...
by Marmontes
15 Aug 2022 04:56
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Topic: Russia-Ukraine war
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Re: Russia-Ukraine war

The war in Europe, the problems with Taiwan, and the risk of nuclear war, all these events make me kind of depressed. We live in a time when we do not know what will happen next, what events will lead the world to even more deplorable events or when that fateful day will come. I am personally scare...
by Marmontes
09 Aug 2022 07:05
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Topic: What phone do you use
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Re: What phone do you use

I recently bought an iPhone 11 Pro, which I am very happy with because I wanted to switch from Android to IOS a long time ago. I found one obvious problem when buying a phone, there are a lot of replica iPhones on the market. The most interesting thing here is how the Chinese have learned to counte...
by Marmontes
09 Aug 2022 07:01
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Topic: Rodrigos Terrain & Clouds Mod
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Re: Rodrigos Terrain & Clouds Mod

Well, 100 gigs, it's like Rainbow Six Sage or Warzone
by Marmontes
25 Apr 2021 10:30
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Topic: Video games thread
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Video games thread

I also play Heroes of Might and Magic games. To tell the truth, recently, I returned to League of legends. I didn't play it for a long time. When I started to play, I thought that I might take another hero, and I thought it would be perfect to have 2 accounts simultaneously. So, I found on the inter...
by Marmontes
13 Apr 2021 03:35
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Topic: What other games do you play?
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What other games do you play?

I play Among Us and Minecraft. For me, these are the best games that I'm really interested in. As for the other games, I'm not an avid gamer, so those two games are enough for me. What else can I say about games? It's quite a good way to relax or distract yourself from your problems. I used to thin...