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by Wendelinefroger
18 Mar 2020 19:16
Forum: Science and Astronomy Discussions
Topic: Astrobiology Poll
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Astrobiology Poll

    A1) 19B1) 12C1) 4A2) 19B2) 11C2) 2A3) 15B3) 4C3) 1A4) 2B4) 4A5) 2B5) 1C5) 1
by Wendelinefroger
16 Mar 2020 21:18
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: New Members Introduction Thread
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New Members Introduction Thread

Hello. My old user was Banana, but I haven't been active in years and I lost my user info. I've been playing SE for four or so years, but I still have to get the alpha off Steam. I can't wait to see what's changed since I was last here.
by Wendelinefroger
16 Mar 2020 21:15
Forum: Off-topic Discussions
Topic: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Thread
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Thread

Yesterday Macau (Macao?) confirmed its first case in 40 days! They had ten cases back in February, but they closed down all their casinos, which halted the spread despite it being just off the coast of China. A few days back a woman returned from Portugal, where she was diagnosed. Hopefully she'll r...