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by Alex_universe
24 Mar 2020 04:45
Forum: Gameplay Discussions
Topic: Gameplay concept
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Gameplay concept

hi all, im trying to discover how to do a properly encounter burn. In order to make a synck orbit i used to increase my apogee (if iss it´s behind me) or decrease (if it´s before me) but how much? i guess the first thing it is to discover the angular distance between both. its something about join a...
by Alex_universe
30 Oct 2019 02:47
Forum: Mods and Addons
Topic: Mods and Addons - Requests, suggestions and ideas
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Mods and Addons - Requests, suggestions and ideas

hi guys, happy to share with you what i'm doing (i´m still working on it): ytRSxIIin74  It´s based on a ship that appears in "Helping Hand", one chapter of Love death and robots (Netfilx´s series). any advice?is there a way to put glass on ship´s windows? any ways, i hope you enjoi it. pd:...