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Useful Links and Quick Tips

  • - Before posting, please read the FAQ
  • - Post about bugs or problems in the troubleshooting and bug reports thread
  • - Post suggestions for the program in the suggestions thread
  • - Ask questions in the questions thread
  • - Use the search function and browse the sticky threads before creating a new thread; if a thread already exists on your topic, post in that thread instead of creating a new one.
  • - New users cannot create their own threads until they wrote 10 messages in existing threads.

     If you do not abide by the above instructions, your post will be moved or deleted without warning.

When you have time, please read the full set of rules below. They're very important, and it would be very unfortunate if you made a few honest mistakes and lost posting privileges because of it.

Forum Rules

Welcome to the SpaceEngine Forum! Before you begin posting, please take a moment to read the rules and guidelines that govern the forum. This will ensure that your time here is as smooth and pleasant as possible!

We have created these rules to ensure a fun and safe environment for our community, and to foster a comfortable and constructive atmosphere of communication on these forums. We ask that you please be considerate of others and that you treat your fellow community members with respect and courtesy. If this doesn't suit you, that's perfectly fine, just refrain from participation on these forums.

I. Registration

  1. To register in the forum you must provide an active e-mail address. We guarantee privacy of the provided information.

  2. You are free to choose whatever username (nickname) you want. We do reserve the right to reject especially rude, offensive, or disruptive usernames however; examples of disruptive names include names very similar to existing usernames, and excessively lengthy or trolling names, including names composed of many all-capital letters, and/or mostly non-alphanumeric characters. If we feel that your name is inappropriate we will contact you and ask you to choose another name. If you do not choose a new name in a reasonable amount of time when asked, we will choose one for you, and you cannot request its change later.

  3. You are not allowed to register multiple accounts. If you post from multiple accounts you will be immediately banned. If you need to post here from an account other than your usual one, contact an administrator either with your old account, or with your new one before posting anything, and we'll work everything out.

  4. If you do not display activity in the forum for a long time, your account may be removed.

II. Conduct and Behavior

  1. This forum is meant to be a friendly and respectful place to seek help, talk, and relax. Please try to enjoy your time here as much as possible, but remember to always be respectful of others and of the forum. Rude or disruptive behavior will not be allowed.

  2. Rude, offensive, derogatory, or hateful speech, no matter what form it takes, will not be allowed. Treat every member of this community with a basic level of respect and decency. If you are having a problem with someone on the forum, please report them to us instead of attacking them, even if they attacked you first.

  3. Please try to avoid using profane language on the forum.

  4. Do not post nudity, sexually explicit images or speech, or hate symbols of any kind.

  5. Do not ask for advice on or give advice on how to perform any kind of illegal activity. Also, do not discuss or promote any kind of illegal or adult (18+) activity. This includes illegal distribution of software, recreational drug use, prostitution, alcohol, tobacco, etc.

  6. This forum is not a place for political debate, criticism of the authorities, calling for extremist or revolutionary activities and things like that.

  7. Any advertising, including Internet projects, is not allowed. If you want to talk about a project you're working on, send one of us a message first so we can look at it. If we approve it, post away!

  8. If your forum posts use a signature, please try to keep it to three lines or less. Its contents must also meet the same requirements as forum posts.

  9. Do not post or ask for information about hacking or decompiling of SpaceEngine. This includes posting links to sites that may promote such activities. Discussion about your personal experiences with such things is also forbidden.

  10. Discussion or distribution of unreleased content, such as closed beta tests, whether on this forum or elsewhere, is not allowed unless otherwise stated by an administrator. This includes sharing of beta version screenshots.

  11. Do not reveal forum members' actions from outside the forum without their consent.

III. Message Posting

  1. If you have a simple question about a function or feature of SpaceEngine, check the FAQ, or read the readme file included in the SpaceEngine/docs/ folder. You may also ask such questions in the public chat, or in the threads linked from the FAQ page.

  2. Before creating a new thread, please check the forums for an existing thread suitable for your question or topic. The best place to look is in the sticky threads at the top of each forum. Also try using the search function using a few different keywords to see if your topic is already discussed in another thread. Please note that "necro posting" (posting in a thread that has been inactive for a long time) is allowed and is preferable to creating a new thread on the same subject.

  3. Any newly created threads which could have been posted in an existing thread may be moved there without warning. This is to help keep the forum clear and orderly. If you make a new thread and it disappears, use the search function to look for your topic as it has likely been merged with an existing thread.

  4. If you create a new thread, make sure that you create it in the forum of the proper subject area and that this topic hasn't been discussed before.

  5. Thread titles should be clear and easy to understand, and reflect the essence of the topic to the maximum extent possible.

  6. Creation of identical threads in different sections and posting of similar messages in different threads is prohibited.

  7. Posting randomly for the sake of raising post count is not allowed. Don't disrupt the forum for the sake of gaining new titles or making yourself seem more experienced. People here will judge you by the quality and content of your posts, not your post count!

  8. Please make an effort to communicate clearly using proper language so that others may understand you. Mistakes are totally fine, as long as you're making an effort!

IV. Relationship Between Users and the Administration

  1. We will try to the best of our ability to be fair and sensible in the application of these rules and in all of our interactions with the community.

  2. Discussion of administrator and moderator actions is not allowed on the forums or in the chat box. If you have a concern or issue with the actions of a staff member, please bring it up with an administrator rather than posting publicly about it.

We may expand upon or update these rules from time to time. Whenever this happens, a post will be made in the News and Announcements forum about it, including information about what was changed, so that everyone has a chance to see the change and review the rules. All changes and updates to the rules will be made with the interests of the forum and the community in mind. It is your responsibility as a member of this forum to know, understand, and abide by these rules. Please note that these rules are not meant to be and cannot be all encompassing, and the administration has the final say when it comes to interpreting the rules and moderating the forum. If you haven't been on the forum in a while, you should review the rules again to make sure you're still familiar with them as they may have changed since your last visit. If you have any questions, first please reread the rules as you may have missed something the first time. If you're still uncertain about something, send a message to an administrator and we'll answer any questions you may have! Lastly, if you see a post that violates the rules, please report the post to a moderator or administrator.

Thanks, and enjoy your time here on the SpaceEngine forum!