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New Members Introduction Thread

30 Oct 2019 11:48

Hello, everyone. I'm 20 years old and I have been an amateur astronomer for several years now. I have my own instrument, a Newton 200mm in diameter and 1m20 long. I appreciate astronomy in its entirety, but I am particularly fond of space exploration, orbital mechanics, or even exobiology. I also love being able to create: I am an amateur photographer, video editor, a little bit of 3D/2D animation, drawing, photography, web development. I also did theatre and I like video games like Kerbal Space Program or bin of course Space Engine but also a little Fortnite and Minecraft.
It's a pleasure to be here.
Thank you for your reading :)
Do you want to archive your discoveries in Space Engine ? Use my new website (currently in beta phase) : https://se-archive-project.net/

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