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Can't import my own spacecraft....

11 May 2020 19:22

Running SE 9880, been trying to import my own ships from Blender 249.
Watched a bunch of Youtube tutorials and read the webpage manual.
Followed the instructions from this site, using the .obj and .mtl files from the Blender.
Literally copied and pasted the .sss file example from the website, only changing the filenames and using the file pathway set up on my pc.
Can't make it work.

Checked the se.log and here are my references from there,

and here is my .sss file,

and here is my .mtl file,

the object file created was named shuttle-LBCshellT.obj produced from a blender file named csp-starship2.blend,
 and along with shuttle-LBCshellT.sss, this file was placed in directory;


the material file created was named shuttle-LBCshellT.mtl produced from a blender file named csp-starship2.blend
and the mtl file was placed in the directory;


Upon being run, space engine only shows a space engine category, and an unknown category when I open up the spaceship editor to try to build the ship.
There are no  .sm,  .cfg,  or  .slm  files created in either directory.


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