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How to start space engine in a custom system?

12 Dec 2019 06:32

Hi, I'm creating a new system for my own personal project and it's boring to have to always start the program in our solar system or to have to select to start in a custom system. Is there a way to customize the program to start in a fictional system? In the previous version this was possible, but I'm having problem with this in the Steam version. The program also start in spacecraft mode but I want to start in free mode, because I'm building worlds, not simulating exploration. What file I have to config to make these changes?

The star of my system is called Magnus and have a fictional planet system.
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How to start space engine in a custom system?

12 Dec 2019 09:51

SpaceEngine starts from the last place you visited, could you upload your se.log file from your SpaceEngine /system folder?
When you select "continue" from the main menu SE starts also from the last mode you previously chose, if you were in spaceflight mode it will start in that way, if you previously were in planetarium you'll "continue" from there.
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How to start space engine in a custom system?

12 Dec 2019 10:20

You could do a .se script with these two lines:
Select "MyStartObject"

Save it under the name 'MyStartPosition.se' in the directory 'addons\scripts'. (You can also use another name.)
You can insert this script in a link with the SpaceEngine.exe. Like this:
[...]/SpaceEngine.exe MyStartPosition.se

However, Steam will always ask you for permission to run the script.

Or you could go to your startup object, exit SpaceEngine, and write-protect the file 'save-user.cfg' in the 'config' directory!
Normally SE stores the last position in this file, but then it can not do it anymore.
(But that's a pretty dirty hack.) :lol:
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