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Terran Union World-building Project

14 Aug 2019 00:07


Have you ever found yourself day-dreaming about a better future for Humanity?

Do you consider yourself well-versed in the STEM fields, Futurism and the posits of Science Fiction?

If so - READ ON!

    The Terran Union World-building project is a futurism thought-experiment set on planet Earth (and later, within the solar-system at large). It follows the rise and establishment of a global superpower known as the Terran Union, which represents the societal maturity of humanity expressed as a perfect social order. Designing and describing this setting in a realistic way is a big task, and too much for one or two creators - we need help!


    The focus of the project is largely concerned with the social and political dynamics of the progressive Terran Union: what the government is like, how technology is developed, and how it affects the policies and citizenry when used within that system. Due creative consideration must be directed toward envisioning the laws of the Terran Union, the economic models it operates on and the societal trends that result in order to breath in the desired sense of realism.
    With these creative directions in mind, we need contributors - specifically those who are well-informed in the sciences - including but not limited to physics, engineering, sociology, economics etc. A world-building project starts to grow stale and unoriginal if it becomes the exclusive mental playground of one or two people. The more minds that are involved, the fresher and more diverse the setting becomes - leading to a lasting impression of realism and authenticity.


    The Terran Union is a technocratic meritocracy originally established via joint effort by all the developed nations of the planet. It is fundamentally utopian and “post-scarcity” - having marvellous advanced technologies that maintain a flawless infrastructure which supplies its citizens with all the basic rights that any sentient beings are entitled to: food, water, a home, free education and healthcare. Its structure, although ultimately authoritarian in jurisdiction, emphasizes decentralization and democratic operation via the use of various ministries that each oversee a particular vital function in a society. Legal matters are handled by a hierarchy of Courts, from a Local District all the way to a Supreme Court handling global issues. High government is comprised of a advisory Cabinet, a legislative Parliament and a Supreme Council of Ministers and experts in various fields. Ultimately, major decisions that require high governmental oversight are processed through these parties until they are either approved or otherwise solved. Those that aren’t are presented to the elected leader of the entire Terran Union - the Head of State.
    So, if you are well versed in science (political, economic, physical, environmental, etc) and want to be part of The Terran Union, then we would love to have you. It is obviously a work in progress and requires fresh, informed perspectives to help build it into something greater.

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Terran Union World-building Project

18 Nov 2019 17:09

Sounds fun! Wish you all the best with this!

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