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12 Jul 2019 13:44

I've imported NASA Curiosity-MSL 3D model into Space Engine. 
It looks nice, but of course (before you ask), it won't roll on mars. It will just be static where you put it, just looking handsome. 
You'll certainly have to rotate it a bit with the editor (Shift-F2) to adjust it onto the surface. 
It has been tested on 0.990.36.1665

Download it here

Feel free to comment
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17 Jul 2019 18:46

i love how it looks, thanks for uploading

and i managed to put it in a fixed position in mars surface, very close to actual location just by creatig a small sc file
Spacecraft "MSL"
 Model         "Spacecraft/NASA/MSL_dirty/MSL_dirty.sss"
    ParentBody     "Mars"
    TidalLocked     true // up vector automatically derived from FixedPos coordinates
    RotationOffset  96 // free parameter – orientation azimuth
 FixedPosPolar  (137.30534 -4.80916031 3392.1797)


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