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Single DLC (35 GB)
5 (16%)
"HD" and "Ultra" DLC (20 GB + 15 GB)
8 (26%)
Per-planet DLC ("Earth" - 11 GB, "Moon" - 4 GB etc)
6 (19%)
Per-planet "HD" and "Ultra" ("Earth HD" - 4 GB, "Earth Ultra" - 7 GB etc)
12 (39%)
Other (please describe)
No votes
Total votes: 31
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New Solar System HD addon

03 May 2019 13:13

So I am preparing updated Solar system HD addon. In was need an update because terrain texture format was changed, tiles are at fxied resolution of 256*256 pixles now. This also mean what single cylindrical textures cannot be used for planet mods now, you have to run them through the Cubemap utility.

Update also includes new textures for some planets and moons. it has a size of 35 GB so far. Some textures will be updated during next days.

The question is, in what form you would like to see this addon on Steam? It will be a free DLC, or several DLCs. Old addon was split in two parts:

  • Solar System HD - includes crisp textures and elevation maps at the most available level of detail. Typically, it was 64k effective resolution (equivalent of 65536*32768 pixels cylindrical texture) for terrestrial planets. Actual format in SE is six cube faces of 16384*16384 pixels.
  • Solar System Ultra - includes additional detail level for some of worlds, at typical resolution of 128k (131072*65536). It was not very crisp, because was made by upscaling of original datasets. For example, Earth's dataset has a resolution of 86400*43200 - it is more than 64k (65536*32768), but less than 128k (131072*65536). SpaceEngine require power-of-two resolution, so original 86k was upscaled to 128k, and became somewhat blurry because of that. But having this additional level still improve visual quality of a planet, so I decided to release it as additional addon. Because of huge amount of data (somewhat useless), this Ultra addon was even bigger than HD addon (28 GB vs 16 GB). My idea what what not everyone will want to download it, because of traffic, download speed or disk space. Am I right, or was it a false expectation? To those who wanted to have only certain planets in HD/Ultra, I uploaded individual pak files to file hosting and provided a direct links on the download page.

So now I want to decide, how to make DLC on Steam. Should it be in the same format HD + Ultra (crisp textures + additional somewhat blurry level)? Or s single huge DLC? Should it be split by planet or set of moons (like, put all Jupiter's satellites into a single DLC "Jupiter system")? Or even split some planet DLC to HD and Ultra? For example, Earth HD textures will be 4 GB in size, while additional Ultra levels - 7 GB. Steam does not allow to download individual files, you can only download a whole DLC. Post your opinion here.
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New Solar System HD addon

03 May 2019 13:50

The option Per-planet "HD" and "Ultra" for me is a good idea for people depend to the size available on their stockage.
Also for people want all HD and/or Ultra if I remember, I see on Steam some DLC are cluster on collections so maybe in one click people can download all DLC in the collection.
Good continuation.
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