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Gameplay concept

30 Jan 2017 04:13

Calculating MP data on client? Yeah, that would be fair...

Anyway, I thought about this concept a little, and now I think, that it's all possible to actually implement with a good part of math.
Server could calculate, for example, resource data with frequency tied to closest player's range to this resource. It's gain/loss could be multiplied on the delta-time since the last view, so no player presence would be required 24*7 for economy to flow. Though, trail-calculating the gain itself in such a variety of variables may be kind of a tough question to solve, due to complexity of orbital mechanics and local situations in smaller time fractions. Or taking care of such little details, like allowing heightmap-survey redownloads to client only once per hour, as well, as making downloads queue for players for decreasing DDOS risks.
Anyways, even this complex system would be much less lagging, than the one at EVE. Instead of thousands players, this game would likely be supporting only hundreds at the same time. Instead of hundreds variables recalculating 10 times per second, most of the time, only around 50 variables would need to be calculated each 2 seconds. So, processing powers would be required less in thousands of times, turning the server cluster into a single dedicated PC. And it's all because real space games are a lot more slowly paced, than those in arcade space with constant pew-pewing.
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Gameplay concept

30 Jan 2017 20:07

are there plans to  implement models for the space probes that that have and do populate the solar system? similar to NASA's "eyes on the solar system" but also including probes from other space agencies with known orbital elements.
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Gameplay concept

07 Feb 2017 15:21

I play 2 years on this simulator and its best, better elite dangerous because u can go everywhere on space its illimited travel and i try the travel interstellar movies its very funny ;) thanks devs its amazing space simu 
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Gameplay concept

10 Feb 2017 04:09

I don't get the time scale the game is based on.
Are all the durations you gave real time?
Surely harvesting hydrogen from gas giants and mining asteroids for ammonia shouldn't take months of real time?
Just wanted to clarify.

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