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What's your favourite music in SE?

06 May 2018 14:38

A.e.r.o. - Flying Through The Universe is one of the best music in my opinion.

For some reason, in (actually since, this music won't play in game. It's supposed to be the first music when I play it in order. But the next music becomes the first. Is it a bug or something it's supposed to be. This file is in my music folder, only that it would just not play.
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What's your favourite music in SE?

07 May 2018 00:28

Seems fine in mine. Maybe some file issue. Maybe try re-installing and see if it help.
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What's your favourite music in SE?

10 May 2018 11:22

I forgot which one is my favorite but some of my liked ones were The Moon and Kepler(number)b or something.

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