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Using Space Engine for a D&D campaign?

14 Aug 2017 17:17

      Hello everyone! I have been using Space Engine for a while and have been playing D&D for much longer and I recently had an idea for a D&D campaign using SE. I have been getting together a group to start a game of D&D with me DMing.

      So I want to ask you guys, how do you think it would work to integrate SE into D&D? The basic idea of the campaign is that the Players are controlling what is called a "Space Jammer", think the literal space sea-ships from Treasure Planet, and the players can use SE to go wherever they want in the universe (Although for story reasons they are confined to the Milky Way).

      The biggest issue I could think of with this is the massive book keeping that would be involved, however I think I can get around that by just figuring out an efficient way to organize everything.

      So what do you guys think? Can this work? Is there something you can think of that would make this better/easier?
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Using Space Engine for a D&D campaign?

15 Aug 2017 09:06

D&D as in Dungeons and Dragons?
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Using Space Engine for a D&D campaign?

01 Sep 2017 05:15

I also thought about this thing some time ago .
D&D is an imagination game then you could use SE to make scenarios or for simulate travels whit the spaceships, but the characters must also have a concrete table of game that simulate the inside of a spaceship or a specific location on a planet for the battles or the exploration .
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