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Planets with potentially breathable atmospheres

Posted: 08 Aug 2019 20:48
by Space Nerd
Actully, most marine terras with suitable pressure still have too much SO2(10^-3~10^-4 atm) 

Planets with potentially breathable atmospheres

Posted: 31 Mar 2020 09:20
by zowmaster
So I found like 6 (after like 3-4 hours of searching) that are all breathable under the guidelines posted in the beginning of thread, but not for long term mainly because of SO2 levels.  I'll post them in the order of habitability, in my opinion, let me know what you guys think;


Probably the worst one on my list, with SO2 levels at 3E-5, which according to the beginning chart is maximum 10 minute exposure.  Also CO2 levels fairly high at basically 0.04 atm, so I don't think you would last long without protective gear on this planet (maybe 5-10 minutes?) But come on its purple!!


Another one with SO2 at 3E-5, although CO2 levels on this planet is better than #1.  Oxygen and temperature are really good, shame about the SO2; so maybe 10 minutes on this planet without protection?


Getting better, SO2 at 2E-5 and CO2 at 0.155.  Temperature and oxygen good too; according to guidelines 30 mins EEGL on this planet without protection.


SO2 down to 1E-5, which bumps up the EEGL recommendation to 1 hour without protection. CO2 levels bearable at 0.023, oxygen good, cold at -14C but adaptable.


SO2 at 1E-5, CO2 levels at 0.021, oxygen good, a little cold at -2C but again definitely do-able.  The main feature of this planet is that its not tidally locked and has a day night cycle!  31.28 hour days and 203.6 days in year, very rare as most terra planets (at least the ones I've encountered) are tidally locked.


Here it is, the best that I could do after 3-4 hours so far, SO2 at 1E-5, but CO2 down to 0.0087, which makes CO2 down to a workable long term level (barely I think).  Oxygen is a little low at 0.105 atm but from what I've read adaptable.  So I think you'd last a little longer than an hour, maybe a couple of hours? (according to the SO2 guidelines, is there a way to get rid of SO2 easily in the atmosphere?).

I'm going to keep looking, there must be one planet in this game/sim that humans can live long term without terraforming in any way.  I do agree that the SO2 levels do seem high (although I don't have a real life sample to compare).  Let me know what you guys think and if you've found anything better!!

Planets with potentially breathable atmospheres

Posted: 05 Apr 2020 04:50
by Cryostratos
donatelo200 wrote:
Oh here are some nice ones.
Edit: Bonus blue terra

I wanted to thank you for posting this. I am an extremely productive conworlder, designing fictional worlds down to details as a hobby. I just got 0.990 on Steam, but finding the right Earth-like planet to place a fictional world in became much harder in 0.990. I decided to go with your world from scr00027.jpg. I will be designing a lot on it now. Thanks!

Planets with potentially breathable atmospheres

Posted: 01 Aug 2020 10:32
by Space Bepis
While wandering the universe, I managed to find 2 planets with atmospheres that you could breathe!

The first one is RS 0-8-7510433-579-4-7-832383-20 A1. It has a really thin atmosphere, but according to the chart that was posted here a while back, you can acclimatize to 0.117 atm of oxygen. Carbon dioxide is just enough to make you feel drowsy, but it's not like the lack of oxygen would make you feel that way anyways. Sulfur dioxide is usually the problem with most atmospheres, but because this planet's atmosphere is so thin, SO2 is not really an issue. So as long as you're okay with constantly feeling light headed and having to take really deep breaths, it should be okay. Although I do thing the trace amount of carbon monoxide might be an issue.

The next one is RSC 9643-3245-3-21-0 5.1. The amount of oxygen in this moon's atmosphere is actually quite close to that of Earth's, at 0.234 atm. The amount of CO2 in the air will make you hyperventilate (0.0209 atm), but you should be able to get used to it. The amount of SO2 is just enough to be considered an OSHA violation (4.17*10e-6 atm), so I guess you cant be out there for too long. But you can be out there for maybe a few hours, and that's good enough. But again, the trace amount of CO could ruin it