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How to make 360° panoramas in Space Engine

28 May 2017 02:09

Also (can't figure out how to edit my previous message) I'll upload template Hugin project files that one has to place in the "export" folder of SpaceEngine - so that one can open the project (which will use the last exported skybox) and make a full equirectangular panorama.
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How to make 360° panoramas in Space Engine

09 Jun 2017 00:00

Pano2VR works, you just have to transfer the 6 cube faces to a different input format, namely equirectangular. If you actually process the image it will put a watermark on it, but you're just swapping the input type, so it shouldn't add a watermark.

Also, Autostitch is a good free utility, but honestly it's WAY more trouble to do it that way.

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