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Making High res. Earth maps.

07 Jan 2018 21:13

How would I go about making ultra high res maps of Earth regardless of how much space they would take up?? I saw the grand canyon mod and know its possible. I just need a few pointers as to were to get started. The steps that I need to take and programs that I need to do so. Once I get it down I will do local requests for people and eventually try to do the whole Earth, although at that res. I imagine it would be a TB lol.. Thanks. 
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Making High res. Earth maps.

25 May 2018 15:30

Unfortunately, it looks like it could be more than a terabyte.


Size of Earth Surface textures in SolarSystemHD & SolarSystemUltra:
[*]Layers 1-4: 129 MB
[*]Layer 5: 297 MB
[*]Layer 6: 944 MB
[*]Layer 7 (Solar System Ultra): 2,790 MB
It appears that with each new layer, the size approximately triples. Thus, to get the entire Earth's texture to the precision of the Grand Canyon mod (Layer 11, with bump at Level 12), it could take up anywhere from 200 to 700 GB.

This is the surface layer only - to get the bump map (which increases by about 350% with each step) would probably take an additional 2 TB, and that's not even taking into account the lights and the clouds.

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