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Talk to me about SE as a community

26 Jan 2018 13:28

Anthro_Danielle wrote:
A-L-E-X wrote:
Source of the post I heard a bunch of people got sick!  I wonder if it was the food?  Also heard there is some big news coming out of the ESA, though haven't read exactly what yet.
This is the kind of thing I had in mind.
Space Engine is also delving into the VR arena, and the new version will have some exciting new developments in that area.

I'm not sure if other people got sick from the food, but I think just being around lots of new people from all over the world can make getting sick pretty easy! Everyone was pretty jetlagged, too (lots of people pulling 10-20 hours flying to reach Aus), and that probably made it much harder for immune systems to keep up. Mine barely works on a good day so it was probably pretty inevitable that I'd come down with something >.>

I am very very excited to see what happens when SE & VR intersect. Even really limited new features have so many interesting societal applications and it's a pretty cool time to be interested in things like scientific process, knowledge and information-making/sharing, education, publics, etc. Feels almost like we're at an inflection point or something!

That's a really interesting looking game! It looks like a real challenge to develop, given the complexity of all the different dimensions they're aiming to address, let alone the complex interactions and emergent features that you get when everything smashes together. Successfully modelling complex social & sapient organisms + their social structures, systems, institutions, is a pretty big ask, and it would be interesting to know more about their underlying frameworks. And how they're conceptualising this linear stage-progression to 'cosmic dominance' - I'm not entirely sure what that would mean in the end, but that makes it a pretty interesting project/endeavour to observe or think about analytically! Setting that aside though, the idea of playing something like spore that's a little closer to realism/plausibility is very appealing and interesting! Also that plants are open as a sort of path/possibility. I know some biologists who would dig this!

Yes they would :) I cant wait for further developments along these lines :)  They're still at the microbial stage right now.
I wonder if what happened at the conference was a precursor to the severe flu season this year.
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Talk to me about SE as a community

19 Feb 2018 23:29

A-L-E-X wrote:
Source of the post I wonder if what happened at the conference was a precursor to the severe flu season this year.

Yes I heard about that! It seems to be a pretty brutal year for it, though being in Australia at the moment (and summer, festival season, etc.) my sense of seasonal illnesses might be a little off, and I mostly rely on what friends in the States tell me, so kind of a small sample size. And I think Australians get some hardcore flus and for some reason everyone here gets whooping cough or Aussies don't vaccinate against it or something so maybe we infected everyone who came to visit XD
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Talk to me about SE as a community

06 Mar 2018 03:27

I think S.E seems to have a small community, a tight nit one. Most of the users that I know of, are right here on these forums. There's some discord servers. Personally I don't interact with users outside of these forums. People here have taught me how to improve my addons, and I've learned how to script solar systems. I think what works well here is that everyone gets along and there is little to no issues here, like things should be. What would make for a stronger community is to bring more awareness about what S.E is and encourage users to join these forums.

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