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Do you learn with SE & its community?

28 Dec 2017 09:45

tornadotodd wrote:
Source of the post How many known stars and their positions are represented in SE?

The majority of known stars are taken from the Hipparcos Catalogue, a bit more than 110000 stars.

John Wain wrote:
Source of the post but is it perfectly accurate?

SpaceEngine doesn't have yet many standard planetarium tools, but they're in the TODO list. The recent implementation of analytical models for computing Solar System orbits it's a big leap in that direction.

As for accuracy, well it depends. I still giggle from time to time for this post (from the exoplanets news thread):
muitosabao wrote:
Source of the postthank you Vladimir, for all the help. Funny story, using spaceengine we even corrected some of NASA's early press release images, since we noticed that Orion on their images looked different to ours (ESO), from Trappist-1 point of view. I checked trappist-1 position on the catalogue files of SE and it all looked correct, so we prompted them, and upon checking they had their coordinates for Trappist-1 wrong (they were using Uniview), and then corrected it!  ;)

So yes, thanks once again!

SpaceEngine goal is also portraying what we know about astronomical objects. It tries to convey the sheer vastness of known universe in a mid-range gaming computer, and wow, it does the job to me ;)

I'd say you definitely breathe Astronomy with SE, and every day a bit more to it. With a ludic experience too, even better a VR one... How much this can change your perception of science? For me it's like saying: This is the limit of the universe we know, feel it, touch it: What's yours, human?
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Do you learn with SE & its community?

29 Dec 2017 01:41

Mosfet, I agree with you about 'breathing astronomy' with this software, that's why I love it.

What I also forgot to mention - in regards to what you can learn with SE - is the spacecraft simulation and its painful realism. It destroys all your preconceptions about space flight that you might have from watching SF movies (here's an example of what I mean: in the beginning of this video, the Scimitar warship exits warp and makes a sharp turn to face the Enterprise E - in what is a very visually compelling and totally impossible maneuver, seeing that there's no 'air' to push against for this move: Enterprise VS Scimitar)

From what little I've been able to learn using Jarschel's Space School manual, I think the simulator is indeed one of the most complex and compelling functions of the game, if not one of the most fun due to the difficulty...
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Do you learn with SE & its community?

13 Jan 2018 09:42

Mouthwash wrote:
I'd like to see magnetic fields, material composition of stars and planets, actual temperature variations, etc. The Anton Petrov videos make up for it though.

I'd love to see that incorporated somehow as well. As amazing as Space Engine is I always have to remind my self that it is the work of one developer. It's pretty amazing we have what we have but yes, more science please. :)
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