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The most massive black holes in the Universe

01 Jan 2019 23:57

Wow, I can actually picture that, Wat!  So the smaller black holes become lethal much more quickly because of the more rapid changes that occur in their interior.  So basically if you were to model a black hole solely using a gravity graph of space-time, the smaller black holes have a much shorter and more steep dive into the singularity while the larger ones slope more gently downwards, until they all get near the singularity of course.  Inside the larger black holes, like the huge one you mentioned where you get 18 hours of time before getting near the singularity, you dont notice anything different then from a regular space journey, except that everything is dark around you?  The passage of time and everything else occurs just like it would anywhere else?

Wat, that Kerr journey through a black hole is truly psychedelic!  I wonder if SE will be able to model that at some point in the future for spinnintg or charged black holes, or black holes that are both spinning AND charged!  

Hamilton's site is EXCELLENT and I see he mentioned the waterfall analogy as well as why gravity becomes repulsive near the singularity in both charged and spinning black holes and the analogy to the centrifugal force.
I saw the Penrose diagrams of the journey all the way through and it even contains some terminology I previously used (like an antiverse!)

https://jila.colorado.edu/~ajsh/insideb ... se.html#rn


Do you find it interesting how all the things we formerly considered to be "fixed" all conspire to change in order to make sure that the speed of light in a vacuum can never seem different to any observer, no matter their perspective?  I wonder if humanity will ever be able to harness enough energy to "break" this physics one day even for a split second, and what its consequences might be?
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The most massive black holes in the Universe

06 Apr 2019 06:03

I remember that the heaviest black hole discovered so far is not TON 618, it should be SDSS J140821.67+025733.2, its mass gundam 1.96 × 10^11 M⊙.
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The most massive black holes in the Universe

23 Mar 2020 06:38

amazing !

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