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General 0.991 Discussion

12 Jun 2019 21:21

Work has already begun on the next version (probably titled 0.991) with some bug fixes, so I thought I would start this thread for discussion about 0.991 news when that comes out. Congratulations on the 0.990 release SpaceEngineer!
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General 0.991 Discussion

16 Jul 2019 11:34

Will 0.991 ever be renamed into 1.0?
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General 0.991 Discussion

10 Feb 2020 07:50

Will the custom planet maps remain the same with the update from version 0.990 to 0.991 when using the same X, Y, and Z values for Surface->Randomize?
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General 0.991 Discussion

30 Jun 2020 10:46

Hi. Sorry if posting this at the wrong thread.

I'm on board for a little more than a week now, playing exclusively in VR, on HP Reverb WMR, mainly at free camera mode. Gorgeous.

I'm running on a i7 4770k 16GB RAM, RTX 2070 Super 8gb with Space Engine at the default steam library path on a SSD drive. 
First of all, amazing ride so far. Beautiful.

But, here goes a few complains about controls:

- The control settings are pain. The mappings for the WMR controllers does not fit my taste and I'm unable to change them, because: 
  - Some times the steam mapping screen just don't open;
  - When it opens, its so confusing to find the appropriate setting I want;
  - When I find it, some settings works, some other just don't; I tried to map turn (up, down, left, right) to the right thumbstick and after setting it (as a DPAD - touch, setting the Axis options, not the boolean ones) it just don't work;
  - And no matter what, after playing with the settings, either for the controllers or the main graphical ones, they just wont to persist. If I restart I'm back to the old settings again.

- Could not (and I'm not exactly a newbie) for the life of me, set up my TFlight X HOTAS; The screen just enter into a never ending spinning, as if I just have being caught by a tornado;

- Could not configure my X360 in free camera mod to do simple pitch / yaw / roll navigation;

I spend half of my available playing time trying to configure the controls, and the other half trying to teach my wife and children how to use the default controls, and that left me with about 15 minutes to enjoy myself with the program... =\

As far as the space sim goes, its all very beautiful and the only thing to point out is that I was hopping for more performance than I'm getting. I'm able to run it on ultra as it doesn't makes much of difference performance wise for me than the high setting. I'm stuck around 30-40 FPS in either case.

My main complain is the control settings. I think it really should get some more love. And not be able to change them at my taste its something very bad in my opinion. And they failing to save, seems like a bug somewhere to me.

It would be nice to hear if some of those complains are just dumbness of mine (and be pointed to good documentation), or if some of those things are indeed in way of improvement.

Thank you.
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General 0.991 Discussion

22 Oct 2020 12:39

Outstanding graphics. I have never seen a space game with such beautiful and realistic graphics.

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