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General 0.990 Discussion

Posted: 11 Jun 2019 13:13
by HarbingerDawn
Messier wrote:
Source of the post What will Pro actually do aside from licensing?

Everything it does is listed on its store page.

General 0.990 Discussion

Posted: 11 Jun 2019 14:34
by A-L-E-X
HarbingerDawn wrote:
A-L-E-X wrote:
Source of the post But you do not need the Steam client on the computer you are purchasing it from, you just need the username/password or email address to use on the game page you linked to earlier correct?


A-L-E-X wrote:
Source of the post And once done, then it can be used on the computer on which the Steam client is located!

Yes, but you need an internet connection to download it, in which case you might as well buy it from there to begin with.

A-L-E-X wrote:
Source of the post Any idea at what time the game will be able to be purchased and downloaded tomorrow?

Aiming for 9am UTC, but it might vary from that.

A-L-E-X wrote:
Source of the post you mentioned that a price had been set for the Pro version?  What will its price be and will it be available on the 11th?

It will be available at launch for $59.99 (in addition to the purchase price for the base version, as Pro is an addon package, not a standalone version).

Thanks, so the Pro version will be approx $80 US total (Standard+Pro)?
Are both these licenses permanent (in other words all new versions after the original license is bought will be free, whether one buys the Standard or Pro version?)

Also one other question, I am trying to get SE as a gift for others, but when I go to the appropriate link, it wont let me add the people to send it to?  I am using Chrome- is anyone else having the same problem when trying to add the name of friends to gift it to?


Posted: 11 Jun 2019 19:17
by ProximaCentauriB
Congratulations on a job well done! Everything about this new version is just so beautiful. The attention to detail is exquisite. I'll look forward to exploring new planets as they're added via Steam. 
se 99 lovely cliffs.jpg

General 0.990 Discussion

Posted: 12 Jun 2019 04:24
by Mouthwash
I zoomed in on the planet you start by and found that the shore consists of right angles. Not a great first impression. I do love the new terrain (although the "pebbles" terrain looks heavily tessellated from a distance).

It's too soon to form an overall impression, though.

General 0.990 Discussion

Posted: 13 Jun 2019 03:37
by Heaven's Disciples
The Steam release has an incredible amount of improvements from the beta version.
SpaceEngine is truly amazing software. I do have a few questions, though.

Randomize X, Y, Z

When I added the files for my custom planetary system, all of the terrain maps look very different from the beta version. Did the algorithm for creating maps using the Randomize X, Y, Z change? If so, is there a way for me to alter the numbers to get my previous terrain map back? Will the terrain maps change with each new update?

Biome and Palette Terrain Weight vs Surface SurfStyle

Also, is there a relationship between the biome and palette terrain Weight value and a planet's Surface SurfStyle? I was having trouble assigning custom planets to the CFG files (e.g. custom_terra_wet_green.cfg). I created a unique decimal for the Weight to differentiate it from the base CFG files. However, the CFG's files Weight value is not the same value as the planet's Surface SurfStyle. I had to use the Planet Editor's SurfStyle slider to view where each CFG starts and stops for each CFG file. This number seems to change as I create new custom CFG files, however. Is there a simpler way to directly match a custom planet to a CFG file?

Exporting Heightmaps From Selected Areas

Is there a way to select a specific area on a planet or moon to export the heightmap? I would like to use the heightmap of specific local areas in another software to create scenes for illustrations, such as cities or a much smaller space. If not, are there future plans to add this feature?

SpaceEngine 3rd Party Plugins API

Are there future plans to create an API to allow developers to create plugins that can run directly on SpaceEngine? For example, if someone had an idea of creating a custom planetary system generator.

General 0.990 Discussion

Posted: 14 Jun 2019 06:14
by default0.0player
For those who don't know 0.990 no longer has "auto exposure" "real sun/planet brightness"
Here's what 0.990 did in 0.980
SpaceEngine (1920x1080) 2019_6_14 21_04_06.png
SpaceEngine (1920x1080) 2019_6_14 21_03_51.png

General 0.990 Discussion

Posted: 14 Jun 2019 15:59
by A-L-E-X
Yay I finally bought it!  I just got the Standard version for now because I dont make videos and only have a 6 GB graphics card so not sure I will even be able to use the higher resolutions possible with the Pro version.  Can I get the Pro add-on for $60 at a later time if I feel I need it?  Also what do I do now- I see a green button for "remote install"- I'm on the computer I bought the program from and will install it on, should I press the green button on the web page?  I already have the Steam app installed.  Or should I click on the blue button at the bottom, where it says "Install your new games now?"


[size=100]An email confirmation has been sent to you.

Any digital items in this order are now registered to your account on Steam. To access your items, simply visit your library in Steam whenever you're ready.


We see you're currently logged into the Steam desktop app. Would you like to remotely install your games onto this machine?

[size=100][color=#ffffff][size=200][font=Motiva Sans, sans-serif]Got Steam?
You'll need the Steam application to access your new products.

General 0.990 Discussion

Posted: 15 Jun 2019 00:24
by nasigoreng
Hey everyone
My apologies if I am posting wrong.
Is SLI function available in the 0.990 version of space engine?
When I checked Vladimirs web site in the past whilst I was using the previous free version it stated that SLI had been implemented.
Also someone confirmed with me on this forum that it would be.
I have bought the steam version and it does not seem to function or show any settings that it is available and I know for certain that my two identical 650 TI boost are running sli fine in benchmark.

Any help on this issue would be great otherwise space engine and this blasted windows machine will just have to be mothballled and collect dust again for a while until a better option to enjoy this software presents itself.
Cheers all and thanks again.

General 0.990 Discussion

Posted: 15 Jun 2019 12:57
by GP300
I would love to have the option have a mode with "auto exposure" = ON and "real sun/planet brightness" = OFF, or enabling the option to set "real sun/planet brightness" = ON or OFF in the cfg-file ny adding the commands there without having to mess up the nice gui with additional checkboxes. Maybe it's hard to add that option to 0.990 due to it being so different internally compared to 0.980? Programming isn't my strong side.

EDIT: After some tinkering I found out how to change it the way I wanted, kinda. =)

EDIT#2: ...and after some additional tinkering exactly like I wanted. The new features in 0.990 are amazing. Thanks for all the hard work!

General 0.990 Discussion

Posted: 15 Jun 2019 18:40
by Julian
Is applying geological strata to volcanoes a new behavior in 0.990? I don't recall ever seeing them in 0.980, and we really shouldn't expect to see horizontal strata on volcanoes like this:

I've always wished Space Engine could do more to change up the appearance of geological strata. They're always orange, they're always horizontal, and they appear on every terra, ice world and titan in the universe.

Show off your work

Posted: 16 Jun 2019 03:24
by nasigoreng
even though i dont like windows or steam or c++ and my space engine is not performing as good as I would like.
and i cant punctuate or spell or want to right now

You know I reckon that since vlad has really good programming skills you should get over to the star citizen scene and show them how to build a consistent universe maybe then they will get out of alpha stage and actually release something worth playing

General 0.990 Discussion

Posted: 16 Jun 2019 14:42
by callmejohn
Really disappointed that 'Real Planet' and 'Real Sun' brightness check-boxes have been replaced with this awful 'Photo Mode'....

HDR = Auto Exposure OFF - Real Planet Brightness OFF
Auto/Manual = Exposure ON - Real Planet Brightness ON

What I want is....
Auto Exposure OFF and Real Planet Brightness ON
(Basically HDR mode with real planet brightness turned on.)

Can I achieve this with edits to main-user.cfg?

I hate auto exposure so i don't want that on at all BUT I prefer realism in regards to planet brightness, it is so odd seeing planets 300AU from its red dwarf binary stars and yet the planet is lit up like a Christmas tree!!.

General 0.990 Discussion

Posted: 18 Jun 2019 00:17
by AyaReiko
[quote="Mouthwash"]I zoomed in on the planet you start by and found that the shore consists of right angles. Not a great first impression. I do love the new terrain (although the "pebbles" terrain looks heavily tessellated from a distance).

It's too soon to form an overall impression, though.[/quote]
Just about every planet with oceans or seas I've visited so far had all of the shorelines be rendered as steep cliffs. Judging by the stretched out textures, I'm guessing this wasn't intended.

General 0.990 Discussion

Posted: 18 Jun 2019 06:00
by silikone
[quote="default0.0player"]For those who don't know 0.990 no longer has "auto exposure" "real sun/planet brightness"
Here's what 0.990 did in 0.980
SpaceEngine (1920x1080) 2019_6_14 21_04_06.pngSpaceEngine (1920x1080) 2019_6_14 21_03_51.png[/quote]
That's not entirely true, is it? The simple auto exposure option selectively modulates the brightness of light sources. With .990, we have a unified exposure parameter that can be controlled both automatically and manually. The manual exposure control then didn't integrate well with the rendering, and washed out images would ensue if one were to touch it a tad too much.

General 0.990 Discussion

Posted: 18 Jun 2019 12:19
by TheRedstoneHive
Auto exposure and HDR modes are meant to be more realistic, where auto exposure is meant to replicate a normal camera, and HDR is meant to replicate a long exposure mode, but instantly. It will take some getting used to, but it is much more realistic and if used correctly; can produce some amazing screenshots.