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Work progress 0.990

12 Mar 2019 00:42

[quote="SpaceEngineer"][quote="silikone"][post]27510[/post] s Space Engine itself even using gamma-correct rendering?[/quote]
SE 0.980 is not gamma-correct, SE 0.990 is. What modifications did you add?[/quote]

I square rooted the tonemap shader output, which is a reasonable approximation of the sRGB gamma curve. Of course, without first squaring all the appropriate inputs, a lot of things become far too bright with plenty of nasty banding. Still, it was clearly a boost in realism where it mattered. The tonemapping algorithm that is already present at least works as some sort of pseudo-correction, for I tried disabling that, and that made the gamma-incorrect lighting far more evident.
It's nice to hear that the new version changes this.

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