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Do you play ships?

No, I just exploring the Universe
16 (18%)
33 (38%)
35 (40%)
I prefer flying in s ship than a free exploration
3 (3%)
Total votes: 87
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Do you play ships?

20 Aug 2017 21:07

Hi, guys! I know a lot on how to fly the space ships in SE! Space flight is much harder than you think! To slow the space ship down when in the vacuum of space, all you have to de is to turn the space ship retrograde, fire the engine and the space ship will slow down! It is just the matter of math, orbital mechanics, space physics. Just keep practicing and practice makes perfect!! I hope this helps! Good luck!

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Space Pilot
Space Pilot
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Do you play ships?

28 Aug 2017 22:04

I only use the ships sometimes, I would use them more if there were some real spacecraft in the game like Orion, the Space Shuttle, Soyuz etc.
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Space Tourist
Space Tourist
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Do you play ships?

17 Sep 2017 17:10

I often used the ships, however as there is no way to make a conventional interplanetary trip like creating an orbit and hope to get there so I do not use that game mode any more, after all, using warp for interstellar travel is good but I use for interplanetary travel I do not like it very much, and there is also the question of the rendezvous maneuver, it is difficult for me and I am still learning

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