Ultimate space simulation software

Which one you prefer?

I piloting SpaceEngine ships
31 (40%)
I building a new ships in the ship editor and piloting them
12 (15%)
I using mods (Startrek, Star Wars etc)
35 (45%)
Total votes: 78
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Space Pilot
Space Pilot
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Default ships vs mods

19 Jun 2017 22:15

In light of Proteus's points: I like the default ships, but in a vast universe liable to contain many spacefaring factions (even among humanity alone), the single design scheme available at present seems a bit insufficient; thus I'd appreciate having more "styles" available in the editor in the near future (as I'm sure is the plan eventually anyway). For inspiration I'd suggest:
- Compare and contrast the basic motifs of the major races in EVE Online (albeit with more realistic hull shapes): grungy and utilitarian for the Minmatar, curvy and bulky for the Gallente, blocky and industrial for the Caldari, polished and decorated for the Amarr, etc.
- The style found in Children of a Dead Earth: tapered cylindrical ships with large radiators and wide engine gimballing ranges for steering
- V-Ger from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. I'm one of an apparent minority who considers that movie my favorite, and it's almost entirely because of that epic ship design.
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Author of SpaceEngine
Author of SpaceEngine
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Default ships vs mods

22 Jul 2017 04:42

problemecium, a large artwork is needed for this. I am a programmer, not artist. So one can rely only on volunteer modders, or wait for 10x more donation rate or profit from a paid game version, when I will be able to hire artist or buy existing artworks.
BTW, Payload works on splitting good old AMS ships (SS-Basic, SS-Science, SS-Cargo) into pieces and adding them to the ship editor. It's hard because their parts was designed for rectangular grid, but they could be adapted somehow. Anyone who is good at 3D modelling can join this work (we have original *.obj files for these ships).
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Default ships vs mods

28 Oct 2017 11:38

SpaceEngineer wrote:
Source of the post Please take into account that in a future game modding capabilities could be significantly limited, because of gameplay (modifying the game files is a cheating, it will not be allowed in the online game).

This is very, very, very bad idea, imo. It would be wiser to just simply add a hash check of all the core files important for gameplay upon connection to the server, and do not allow connection for a player who returns a mismatch with hashes of files used on a server. Limiting the modding abilities would be a betrayal for the players who prefer to play offline.
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Default ships vs mods

29 Oct 2017 00:11

darth_biomech, he means more in line with the far future plans of multiplayer.

A check of files is planned and single player game play is also planned.  SpaceEngineer and I have discussed the single player aspects in great length and modding is something that is planned for that aspect.
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Default ships vs mods

03 Aug 2018 17:19

Since I use Space Engine as a simulator in its truest sense, I prefer to suspend disbelief and play the default ships, plus some of those I make in the editor. The defaults are realistic and (I think) are very similar to what we would ourselves use in the future for space exploration. A bit boring to some maybe, but important to me. I do see the appeal in zipping around in the Enterprise though, so if you like that, all the power to you. 
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Default ships vs mods

03 Aug 2018 23:08

Ships are not for me as long as I can not get in, tell my ship computer my destination and just fly away.
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