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Problems exporting video (codec) important

10 Dec 2019 16:12

Hello Goodnight.

How will you know, I'm making a documentary using the recording provided with the space engine pro plugin.
I must say that it is very spectacular with the correct color and light settings, along with smooth movements.

But I am having problems.
I am using the option to draw a line to record using a movement and then capture video.
In short clips, using the first available codec option usually works.
But when making videos of more than 20 points it is very normal to fail.

The failure means that after trying to open the video, Windows notifies me that it is damaged or if I can open it with vlc I see errors in the codec's own export.

Is there any solution in this regard?
I have the feeling that it is not for my computer, the capture is done well, the problem comes when building the video with the codec.
I have tried the option of uncompressed video codec but it also fails.

I have observed that those who throw error are always in 4 gigabytes in size.

Finally, say that I use premiere pro, I work normally in H264 and I have never had problems with exports.
In After effects either, regardless of the performance of the team.

Will more current codecs be included?

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