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Trappist-1 broken in se

21 Apr 2018 17:41

When I went to Trappist in the eclipse patch for space engine I noticed that I couldn't click on any of the planets unless I had the setting that showed orbits on. And when I went away from the planets they all disappeared after a short distance with no sprite or marker (The name tag setting also doesn't show a name for any of the planets.), and from the surface of any of the planets you can't see any other planets because of their short loading distance.
Here is a picture showing the lack of planet sprites and planets, if I go ahead slightly they begin popping in (with me being unable to click them) and this doesn't happen with any other solar systems.

I also noticed that the ice on all of the planets didn't generate right and was glitchy on one, here are some examples.


I'd appreciate it if anyone could figure out how to fix this.
Ayy Lmao

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